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I am sure everyone reading this post has heard of and likely experimented with the many new (and usually free) web companies focused on creating information sharing networks utilizing web-based software suits and giving users a tangible personal "presence" on the internet. The phenomenon began with the boom in popularity of blogs, again something I am sure all reads are familiar with, and has exploded as younger generations begin to swallow up a larger share of primary internet users. Rupert Murdoch has popularized the label "techno natives" to describe everyone under the age of 22 who has either a MySpace, Facebook or various other "blog" account on which they post photos of their friends, write about their favorite Simpson's episode and list their interests for the world to read. Anyone who has gotten swept up into the Google Revolution (like me) understands the true value of totally free services provided by companies that store any necessary information on the web to be accessed from anywhere. Internet startups are beginning to recognize that the traditional business model of charging for web-based services is dead and will remain so, and they have chosen to develop advanced applications, each with the potential to change the way we understand and use the vast maze of information available online. Certainly, each experiment with the next generation of internet evolution is a long-term trial in the fortitude of the internet business, which now must exist both in the world that is now and the world that is coming-- FAST.

A few tortured insomniacs undoubtedly stricken with carpel tunnel syndrome have made attempts to index all of these concept companies, which seem to materialize hourly and blow-up almost as quickly. Econsultant.com has a list of about 1200 companies that they have broken down into catagories and are accompanied by multi-lingual comments from users. Another list issued by Sacred Cow Dung is quite comprehensive and regularly updated. In the next few days I will profile my favorite Web 2.0 companies and I encourage all to start their own bookmark file of companies that they encounter because you never know when the services these high-unconventional companies offer will be useful.

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