Making Meaning...

When I arrived at my office last Thursday I discovered that my great friend (and one of Asia's Top 25 entrepreneurs under the age of 25 according to Business Week) had left me a gift, and in the seventy-two hours that followed I spent every second of free time glued to the pages of Guy Kawasaki's new book The Art of the Start. I finally finished up the last ten pages yesterday while riding the El into Lincoln Park and I have been unable to divert my mind from trying to deduce what "meaning" I hope to make as I jump way in over my head into the sea of runaway ambition. So compelled to further explore this idea was I, that I just created a new blog called Makers of Meaning to use as a forum for commenting on the best and worst examples of entrepreneurs and corporations who have used actual imagination when conceiving their organizations role in the evolution of human innovation. There are several sections of this book which I plan to write on in much greater detail in subsequent postings, but in the mean time go to the book store and buy your favorite entrepreneur this phenomenal book for Christmas.
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