'Sympathy for the devil' apparently a vote getter in Venezuelan election

Venezuela's Chavez calls presidential race a contest against 'the devil' - iht,america,Venezuela Presidential Race - Americas - International Herald Tribune

It was only last month that Hugo Chavez, whose antics are now officially the most frequent topic of my blog posts, more than insinuated that President Bush is the devil and that the sulfur fumes still emanated in the air around the podium at which Bush had spoken the day prior. I would suggest to the sensational president of Venezuela that the evil odor he smelled that afternoon in New York was more likely the olfactory emanation of mahmoud Amadine-jihad (or just Jihad for short), the fundamentalist president of Iran, who spoke the prior evening after Bush, and who gave an eloquent but frightening speech in which he called for the dissolution of the UN and the creation of a new system of world governance united under the shared acknowledgement and irreverence for a monotheistic god. Basically, I got the sense that Jihad envisions a future international system akin to that of the Holy Roman Empire, with institutions managed by clerics and other theologians from the world's dominant religions. It is difficult to imagine how he hopes to implement his vision, and I can't imagine the Communist Chavez, despite his effective manipulation of Venezuelan Catholics, would embrace such an overtly anti-Communist world view. However, President Bush and his message of democratic sovereignty for the people of the Middle East and end of religiously fueled tyranny that has become endemic in the Middle East since the rise of Israel and the new states oppressive Middle Eastern policies, seems to draw more ire from voters in Caracas. I think we should all heed the words of Mick Jagger in his timeless classic Sympathy for the Devil, in which he states simply,

So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I'll lay your soul to waste

Hugo Chavez seems to be doing his part by further flaming the unprecedented culture of hatred around the world for an American president who is almost routinely slandered and dismissed as an idiot by his counterparts in nations of both the developed and developing worlds. It has been many years since the world has been exposed to an evil that rivals the Islamic fundamentalism now faced on the battlefields of the Middle East. If Chavez wants to do the bidding of Amadine-jihad he is showing sympathy for the closest thing to a devil (outside of the Korean peninsula and the mountains of Pakistan) that the world has seen since Hitler challenged for control of a conquered Europe.
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