Frist Makes His Move, Polishes His Credentials

As I read this article I had several different interesting thoughts and observations, and I think the 2008 Republican presidential race is really going to heat up once this session is closed. The Senate is going to be under the leadership of Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and (judging by the debate this weekend on Meet the Press) Rick Santorum (R-PA). Bill Frist is going to be out of the picture, and depending on the measures he takes up during this last month, he could have a stellar ending to his legislative career. I wouldn't be surprised if the Dr. doesn't set up shop immediately in Iowa and New Hampshire- he is going to need every minute of face-time he can get with ordinary Americans if he is going to have any chance against Guiliani's charisma.

There is no question Senator Frist is qualified to be President of the United States (there may be no other person more qualified), but he is a drip, and unless he finds himself on the campaign trail his candidacy is over before it even begins. If he can push though an aggressive national security package he sets himself up well to establish his agenda throughout the heartland and the south, there he stands to perform very well against his more liberal primary opponents. I doubt he has what it takes, but I would never count him out.
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