Former Iranian President a Reformer? No Way.

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Khatami Slams ‘Imperial’ U.S.

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I find it amazing that the Harvard community can muster the patience to sit idly as Khatami tries to justify Iran's use of capital punishment for certain types of homosexual promiscuity. Does anyone remember the uproar that followed former University president Larry Summers comments that it may be reasonable to consider that men are simply more naturally capable in the sciences than women? This is one of the most striking anabhorrentnt examples of moral relativism I have ever encountered. For Eric Lesser, the president of the college "Dems," to actually assert that Khatami sounded as if he was a reformer is one of the most disgusting analyses of an individuals political pronouncements that I have ever read. What type of reformer fails to denounce any of his governments policies, let alone those he knows his audience considers barbaric. Say what you will about Khatami, reformer is not a word that ever should have been attached to his name or his policies.
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