As Usual, Gingrich Stimulates Thought

Gingrich: Powerful Pelosi 'would be a disaster'

This article inspired several interesting thoughts as I read through it.

First, Newt Gingrich is doing a great job of being straight forward with the media on the reasons why it is so important for the Republicans to retain control of the House of Representatives. Who cares if they lose the Senate- they deserve to- but Speaker Pelosi is one of the most frightening thoughts I can imagine.

Second, it seems clear that Newt has serious ambitions of running for president, mainly because I don't think he is scared to death of the second scariest thing I can imagine- President Hilary Clinton- YIKES!!! Though I think I would be a formidable candidate, he may not be the wisest choice for the Republicans, but he is without question the next best thing. That is why he should be Rudy Guiliani's running mate. This would allow Guilliani to not worry too much about the more conservative elements of the party and instead focus on taking votes away from Clinton at her base. As far as I am concerned this duo is the closest thing to unbeatable.

Third, Joe Biden is a deeply irresponsible person and though he is correct about North Korea being the greatest threat- as you may have read me say in my post from a few days ago- it is ridiculous for him to assert that the Iranians don't have the capacity to deliver a nuclear weapon to harm our interests in the region. Since when is a missle the only way to deliver a nuclear payload. Why could they just sneak it into Baghdad and let it blow outside of the Green Zone?

These are just random ramblings, but I think these are all reasonable points.
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