Racial Profiling These Guys? Why not?

The media has been eager to debate the merits of racial profiling recently as the threat to airline travelers becomes apparent following the London bust of a terror cell. Last week I was shocked to find out the two men photographed on the left caused quite a stir after boarding a flight in Europe, with several passengers walking off the plane because of the suspicious appearance and conduct of the two men. Generally, I can understand the concerns of Muslims around the world who fear they will become the victims of unjustified profiling, because I don't think that all Muslims deserve to be treated like terrorists. However, these guys don't look like normal, unthreatening Muslims, but rather appear to have been taken directly from central casting of "True Lies." If people don't want to be pigeon-holed and unjustly accused or suspected of being terrorists, they should put more effort into making themselves look less like terrorists. Maybe it is Hollywood's fault that we all have a picture in our heads of what a terrorist must look like, but until little old ladies and small children start strapping bombs to themselves, I think we would be best served by focusing our suspicions on those who most deserve the attention.
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