Keith Richards Hassled for Mid-Concert Cigarette in No-Smoking Area

Keith Not Burned by Smoking Ban - Aug 28, 2006 - E! Online News
Google News- Keith Richards Under Investigation for Smoking a Cigarette?

Don't get me wrong, smoking is the bane of my existence, and I wish I could muster the will power necessary to quit once and for all. However, it is absolutely appalling to me how some local governments, both in Europe and here in the US, have come to disregard entirely the concept of smoker's rights. This story about the brief investigation by a UK municipality into the possible violation of a smoking ban by Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards, who lit a cigarette while on stage during a recent concert, is truly disturbing. If the world has become a place where not even a rockstar is immune from scrutiny by Machiavellian public health policies such as outdoor smoking bans, it is truly frightening to consider what other unhealthy pleasures the government may choose to regulate in the future.
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