France Pulls Through for Lebanon Peacekeeping Mission

Google News- France Meets Commitment, Offers 2,000 Troops

Paris has finally agreed to send 2,000 troops to take the lead of an international peacekeeping force, which already has 5,000 Italians and commitments from every member of the Arab League to contributed "boots on the ground." Looking as silly as I have ever seen him, French President Jacques Chirac spoke quite earnestly on French television announcing the governments decision to send more than their previously embarrassing offer had called for. I can't say that before the current crisis I had ever said anything favorable about the French President, but his response to the actions of the Israeli government was the most impressive of all veto-wielding Security Council members. Similarly, prior to the current debacle I hadn't been one to criticize Bush's policies because generally I think he is on the right track, but his disregard for all reason and compassion in response to the brutal tactics and disproportionate response of the Israeli army will be a permanent stain on his otherwise historic legacy as a crusader of virtue in the Middle East.
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