Looks Like War From Here

I find it absolutely amazing that the only American politician I have seen on television today that has been able to find it appropriate to denounce the actions of the Israeli government, which has clearly lost its collective mind! John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Chuck Hagel, and all of the rest of the Republican presidential hopefuls in 2008 have failed to show anything remotely resembling a reasoned approach to the escalation of violence over night in Israel. One need only watch the Israeli's destroy the infrastructure of their neighbor Lebanon, the government of which is not associated with the actions of Hezzbollah in any way, or at lest nobody has made that claim, while openly taunting the Iranians and Syrians to respond in some sort of provocative way so they will finally have an excuse to lay waste to the Iranian nuclear program and root out the Syrian leader, who has provided refuge to the leaders of Hamas, the terrorist organization that has now been elected as the ruling party in the Palestinian territories.

I am confused, so far everyone has said the same thing. The government of Lebanon is an innocent victim in this obsurdly belligerent show of force on the part of the Israelis, according to every expert, Senator and international diplomat that has been interviewed since the assault on Beirut commensed yesterday. It seems only logical that there would be widespread calls by US leaders in Washington for the Israelis to cease there onslaught, but no, they have done nothing but offer encouragement and veiled suggestions of escalating the conflict beyond Lebanon by attacking Syria or Iran. This course of action, if it were to replace the current actions taking place in Lebanon, would be far more appropriate, considering the general concensus that these two governments are truly responsible for everything Hezzbollah has done thus far.
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