Censorship in China

BREITBART.COM - China Cracks Down on Blogs, Search Engines

Maybe I am just speaking from a position of priviledge as an American citizen, but it amazes me that the Chinese government can justify censoring what it considers "immoral" from the blogs and websites of its citizens, particularly considering its abhorent moral history as a political party. If my reading of history is correct, the Cultural Revolution launched at the end of Mao Zedong's rule in the late-1960's and early 1970's included anti-intellectual procelitizing, including the encouraging of canabalizism amongst students of college professors the party considered "rightists." This leads me to conclude that the party really means that they want to censor its own actions, or any evidence of them (as I am sure this post will be quickly restricted by the state if any attempt is made to access it) that could lead to civil unrest. One can only hope that there is is a cadre of young Chinese, similar to that led by Mao and Zhou Enlai following the end of WWII, that will be able to subvert the censors and rally the world's most oppressed people to rise and claim their freedom. If there is not, we will see the rise of an anti-democratic government that will make the Soviet Union look like a school yard bully.
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